Forty years ago and yet it seems like yesterday.

Australia’s population was around 12 million.  I had just got my driver’s licence and was in my final year of high school, studying for the NSW Higher School Certificate. 

There was the moon landing.  There was Woodstock.  There was the Manson murders.  Abbey Road. Police raided the Stonewall Inn in NY. Mick Jagger was in Australia filming “Ned Kelly”.  Marianne Faithfull survived an overdose in Sydney.  “Hair” premiered in Sydney. John married Yoko.  Paul married Linda.  The first flight of the Concorde.  Ex Rolling Stone Brian Jones died. Mary Jo Kopechne drowned ‘cos Ted fled.  “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” screened for the first time.

The principle of  “Equal Pay for Women” was endorsed by the Arbitration Commission.  33% of women aged 19-45 were on “the Pill”.

And the Balmain Tigers won the premiership.

And I was very confused.  I did what was required.  Passed my exams.  Won a University Scholarship.

Forty years on and I’m content.  Three wonderful daughters. Four cute grandkids.  Loving friends.  Congruity.


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