The arrival of Spring here in the antipodes.

I enrolled in an Art class which begins in just over a week and I find myself really looking forward to it.

Work has been busy, with examiners meetings to organise, academic progress letters to be sent, and a new session to be loaded up and managed.  And in a new environment…we have moved from WebCT to Moodle for our online learning and teaching environment.

The first Sunday in September was Fathers Day.  I went to my beloved ex’s house for a family dinner, where  I received beautiful cards, flowers and magazine subscriptions.  The highlight was being greeted by my eldest grandson.  “Hello, Grandma! Happy Fathers Day, Grandma.” he giggled.  I just love how everything is open and honest.

Early in the month I received an invitation to the Class of 69 reunion.  I’m quite looking forward to the event which will be held in Sydney in November.  I attended the 35th year reunion in 2004 when my former classmates got to see the real me for the first time.  I have to admit that I have never been more nervous than I was going to that reunion.  But everything went well so I’ll enjoy this reuinion even more.  And I expect to be the only woman in the room again, having gone to an all boys Christian Brothers School.

The vernal equinox was celebrated by a trip to the coast with R.  We stayed in a caravan park on the river in a cosy cabin and had our fish’n’chips on the beach, shopped and ate in Mogo, and got out feet wet at Guerilla Bay.  We’ve decided this will become an annual tradition – much like we celebrate the Winter Solstice with a meal of home made Chicken & Leek potted pie.

It was also a month where I found myself getting angry.  First at the treatment of Caster Semenya and then at the outrage from some people over the arrest of Roman Polanski.  I’m appalled that people are defending the brute.  Whoopie should be ashamed of herself for the “it wasn’t rape-rape” comment.  The bastard raped a 13 year old child after drugging her, despite her pleas for him to stop.  He should be locked up for life.  A lot of people have lost my respect as a result of their attitude towards Polanski.


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