Another month comes to a close.  We had a return to cold weather for much of the month and a decent amount of rain, but it’s warming up now.

I started going to some art classes again this month – painting in oils.  It’s a few years since I painted with oils and I really love the medium.  Over the last few years I had returned to drawing classes and tried watercolour for the first time.  I added a page where I’ll be posting some of my current paintings along with some earlier works. 

Early in the month, my ex and I, along with our eldest daughter took the four grandkids to Floriade, Canberra’s annual festival of flowers.  It was a bitterly cold day with a strong wind making the day quite unpleasant.  The youngest three are all under 2 years old and were happy to be wrapped up in their strollers.  The 4 yr old was a bit grumpy about having to walk while his little sister and two cousins got ride around in luxury.  We spent some time at the Petting Paddock where the kids were able to get up close to a range of baby animals  – lambs, a calf, a rabbit, several chicks and ducklings, a foal, and a kid (baby goat).  They were all fascinated and Isaac was quite excited and chased after all the animals wanting to give them a big hug.

I also went to the movies for just the second time this year – to see Julie and Julia.  I loved it. I bought 1/2 a lb of butter on the way home!  I’d forgotten what flavour it adds to dishes.  I don’t plan to overdo it though and will continue to use cholesterol-free spreads on my sandwiches.  Gotta watch the weight.

Today I went to the Springout  Fairday, the first event of Canberra’s annual GLBTI Springout Festival which runs for the next month.  I don’t mix much with the GLBTI crowd, but think it is important to be visible at events like this and TDOR which is about 3 weeks away. 

 I had found a shady spot to eat my lunch – the obligatory sausage sandwich washed down with some Victoria Bitter – when a guy with a dog sat down next to me to have his lunch too.  He asked if I was from “The Division”.  I looked blankly and asked if he had any Division in mind.  He told me and then it all clicked.  Back in 1998 to mid 2000 I worked for a Division of General Practice and my job was to help doctors computerise their practices – particularly with patient management software rather than front desk appointment and billing software which most practices had already adopted.  The guy talking to me was  a doctor from one of those practices.  We had I nice chat and talked about our lives since those days. 

I also spent some time talking to one of our Greens Members of the Legislative Assembly.  I wanted to know what was happening wrt the Australian Human Rights Commissioner’s report “The Sex Files” which made a number of recommendations concerning gender identity and bureaucratic processes.  He said the local Dept of Justice had a pretty full workplan for the next 2 years so couldn’t see any legislative change occurring for some time.  He did say he was hopeful that the ACT Human Rights Commissioner might hold its own inquiry which would have the effect of keeping the matter on the agenda.

A local T support group will be holding an art exhibition in a few weeks as part of the festival and I’m planning on submitting a work for the exhibition.

Earlier in the month I attended the inaugural Ray Mathew Lecture at the National Library.  Geraldine Brooks, the Pulitzer Prize winning author gave the lecture.  It was a well presented talk – she knew her audience well – latte drinking socialists that we were.  Brooks lived just up the street from us when we were growing up in Concord and attended the same church.

I have booked hotel accommodation in Sydney close to the club where my old Class of 69 are holding the 40th anniversary reunion next month – gosh I’m looking forward to that.


October 1998 – Transition – I went from presenting 24/7 as male to presenting 24/7 as female.  Changed my name too.

October 2004  – Ran for the Federal Parliament – (Senate, ACT, Australian Democrats). I lost.

October 2007 – I had my last cigarette.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. DaisyDeadhead
    Nov 11, 2009 @ 05:52:42

    Transition is an impressive accomplishment but nothing compared to quitting nicotine!!! LOL. (kidding)

    Quitting (chain) smoking nearly did me in. Ironically, that was in 1998, when your journey began. 🙂

    The only thing that stops me from doing it again? Remembering how hard it was to quit.


  2. Peta
    Nov 11, 2009 @ 21:49:31

    You’re so right, Daisy. Transitioning was easy compared to quitting smoking. By the time I quit I had cut down to one packet (25 cigarettes) a day. I had tried many times to quit but failed. This time I was determined. I still have the occasional urge, but will never smoke again.


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