This month has gone by so quickly!

Early in the month I attended a Melbourne Cup Day BBQ at my boss’s home.  Some beautifully prepared salads and gourmet sausages washed down with beer made for a pleasant day.  Chatting to my host’s mother, we discovered that she knows my eldest daughter’s mother-in-law.  Both were Hungarian migrants who came to Australia after the war.  Small world, eh.  We had a sweep and I drew the eventual winner, “Shocking” so came home with some extra change in my purse.  As winner of the sweep, I got to plant the first tomato plant in their vegetable garden – local knowledge here in Canberra suggests that you don’t plant your tomatoes until you know the winner of the Melbourne Cup because by then the chance of frosts is minimal.  All in all, a good day.

I accompanied my middle daughter, my grandson, my son-in-law and his mum to have ultrasounds done of her baby who’s due in January.  The 3-D rendering of the ultrasound images is just amazing.  It was fascinating to watch her (she’s a girl!) fingers and toes, her eyes and nose and her sucking on her thumb.  I hope my daughter manages to remain comfortable carrying a nearly developed baby through our summer.  I don’t envy her.

Mid month was the class reunion which I’ve posted about already.

I entered a painting in the “Gender Rights are Human Rights” Art Exhibition hosted by A Gender Agenda at the ACT Legislative Assembly.  I was expecting about 20 people to show up at the opening and was pleasantly surprised to see about 70+ people there.  The Director of the ACT Council of Social Services, a friend from our Democrats days, gave a speech as did a representative of the ACT Commisioner for Human Rights.  Peter H from A Gender Agenda also spoke.  His speech is found at their website.

This was the first time I have shown any art work publicly and I thought my entry looked rather pathetic among the other works.  Oh well, a good experience.  My BFF and her partner came along to the opening for moral support.


I attended the TDOR at Glebe Park here in Canberra on Friday 20th.  This day is important as a political statement.  TDOR was started by Gwen Smith following the murder of Rita Hester.  The way Rita’s death was treated by the media was disgraceful – and we are still faced with the inappropriate use of pronouns when such deaths are reported.  Rita’s murder has not been solved and was almost certainly a hate crime.  Another young woman murdered for simply being herself.

Word has come through late in the month that Christine Daniels had died – probably from suicide.  Christine’s transition attracted much publicity as she was a well-known sports writer for a LA paper.  Her detransition also attracted much publicity.  She never gave any reasons for her detransition.  I think the pressure on any high profile person who transitions in such a blokey profession as sports writing would be enormous.  I know that I finally decided to do something about  my transsexualism after I hit rock bottom and was once more suicidal.  Transitioning wasn’t a brave act – it was the final throw of the dice.  If things didn’t work out, suicide was always the next  option.  It still is.

On Saturday night I went with friends to one of Canberra’s top restaurants to celebrate a friend’s birthday.  For the first time I ate kangaroo.  I was very unimpressed.  Like eating a cheap cut of steak.  Never again.  The rest of the food was delicious and the conversation sparkling so overall the night was very pleasant.

And that was the month that was.


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  1. Spakippef
    Dec 12, 2009 @ 08:14:11

    Unadulterated words, some authentic words dude. You made my day.


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