Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow

Australia votes in the federal election tomorrow.  One of the quirky things about Australia’s sytem system of democracy is that voting is compulsory.  That means that the ignorant and apathetic will vote and could have a major impact on the result (the ignorant and apathetic being a large percentage of our population.)

In a recent vox pop, Australians were asked if they thought Aussies were ignorant and apathetic.  The most common response was “Don’t know. Don’t care” so I guess we’ll never know.

A woman an the radio this morning said she’d be voting Family First because she liked the name of the party.

Both major parties have been exploiting the fears of the electors rather than tapping into their dreams.

Another problem with our system is that it has evolved into “government of the people, by the parties, for vested interests”.  Our so called representatives will not represent their electorates on the floor of the parliament; rather, they will be representing their parties.  I suppose a strong party system is a natural development of any democratic system, and at least we have more than one party.  It is, however,  getting harder to see any difference between the two major parties.

The major difference is on economic management.  If the current rabble of Coalition pollies were in power when the financial markets crashed, we would have seen massive unemployment and we would have gone into recession.  If they gain power and we have another crash on the share markets (say in October), they will do nothing to save jobs.  Indeed their irrational fear of debt may lead the eastern states into recession without a stock market collapse given their intent to slash government spending and services in order to get out of debt as quickly as possible.  At least Labor have a plan to return to surplus and eventually eliminate debt in a reponsible manner.

On Sunday morning, our Prime Minister could well be a misogynist who thinks climate change is crap and is a self professed liar (although he could have been lying when he said that.)  And the Labor party will have only themselves to blame after a pathetic campaign white-anted by damning Cabinet leaks and the appearance of a former Labor leader who is a constant reminder of the lack of judgement in the Labor caucus.

Rupert Murdoch has decided Mr Abbott (Mr Rabbit) should be our next PM and his papers are all preaching the cause.  The misogynist, Laurie Oakes of the Nine Network has also done his bit too to assist the  Abbott campaign.

I’ll be spending much of tomorrow at the local polling station handing out How-to-Vote cards for The Greens  and then going to the Green’s election night party.

(Election Night Party.  I like that name. I think I’ll vote for them.)


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  1. Bernadette
    Dec 15, 2010 @ 17:25:04

    really enjoyed this read,even after the event lol….all my sentiments exactly…and I’m happy to say Mr Murdoch lost the election 🙂


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