The People Have Spoken..

..And they reckon that neither of the two old parties deserve to be in government.

What a wonderful result and it somewhat restores my faith in democracy.

Today I listened to the indendepent members of parliament who will decide which of the old parties gets to form government.  I was heartened by what I heard.  Many in the powerful position these independents now find themselves would exploit the situation shamelessly.  The folk, however seem to be putting the national interest first.  And how refreshing to hear these people seeking to reclaim parliament for the people.

Personally, I found the swing to the Greens a fantastic outcome.

The Labor party failed miserably in the election.  The people who will be conducting the inquests into the party’s performance are the people responsible for the mess in the first place so they are unlikely to come to the bleeding obvious conclusion.

The two old parties have very few people of vision and leadership qualities.  They are by and large a collection of apparatchiks who practice “politics-by-formula” and work for their parties rather than the electorates who put them in our parliament.  A pox on both their house.


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