Fathers’ Day

It’s almost thirteen years ago that I sat down with my three daughters and explained to them that I was trans and that I would be changing my appearance over the next year or so.  I reassured them that I would still be the same person and that I would always be their dad.

There are some in the trans community who decide to become their children’s “other mommy” or something similar.  I am proud of my daughters and proud to be their dad.  Just as I am proud to be my grandkids’ grandma.

I lived with a secret for so many years and do not want my children or grandkids to feel as if they must keep a secret.  It’s all about honesty.

Earlier this year I was playing Lego* with my 5yo grandson and 2 yo grand-daughter when my grandson said “You’re my mummy’s daddy, aren’t you grandma.” “Yes”, I said “I am.”.  “And then you changed into a girl”, he added. “Grandma’s very clever”, said my daughter who had entered the room.

Yesterday, I had lunch with my three daughters, my three sons-in-law, my five grandchildren, and my beloved ex and her husband to celebrate fathers’ day.  I got two beautiful bunches of flowers, three boxes of chocolates, a bottle of Bailey’s, a DVD and a lovely pair of earrings.  And some beautiful cards.

Sometimes I think I am the luckiest person on the planet.

Happy Fathers’ Day to all the dads out there.

Lego was named from the Danish words LEg GOdt meaning “Play Well”

In Latin, Lego means “I gather”.  Something most parents and grandparents understand.


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