Today is the Spring Equinox and it was quite a magnificent day.  My eldest granddaughter, a 2yo, and I went to Canberra’s annual celebration of Spring, Floriade.  There we met my second daughter and her two children.  The day started cool and cloudy but by late morning the clouds had left us and we felt the beautiful warmth of the sun on us.


Tulip Time at Floriade

My grandson was keen to ride on the Ferris Wheel (or the windmill as he called it) so we all enjoyed a leisurely ride with some great views of some of the flower beds from above.

Flower Beds

Flower beds from above

The grandkids were also impressed with the umbrella trees, the sight of which had my granddaughter singing the Rainbow Song.  I reckon those umbrellas are ripe for the picking.

Umbrella Tree

Ripe for the Picking

The kids enjoyed the petting zoo where they could get up close and personal with calves, lambs, piglets, kids, ducks, chickens and fluffy little bunnies.

It was just a lovely day and what impressed me most was that everyone there had big smiles on their faces.  Needless to say, my granddaughter fell asleep as we drove back to her place and enjoyed a good nap before her mum returned home from work.

Last night, as has been customary for a few years now, I had dinner at BFF’s home along with her partner and her two teenage daughters who are living at home.  For dinner we made a Linguini and Vegetable dish that was absolutely delicious.  While the linguini was on the boil we fried a couple of finely chopped long red chillies together with 2 chopped cloves of garlic.  To this we added a carrot, a leek, a zucchini and a red capsicum – all julienned.  After a few minutes we added some white wine and when that had boiled down, we added some cream, some crab meat and basil.  Finally we stirred in the linguini.  As I said – delicious.  We then all watched the fun, musical quiz program, Spicks and Specks, and then the enjoyable Gruen Tranfer – a light-hearted look at the advertising industry.  As always, it was an enjoyable night.


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