Some thoughts:

i)  There is a need to classify government information – from “unclassified” to “Top Secret” and beyond.  The “open and transparent” champions at Wikileaks would never reveal the source of their information even if they knew the source.

ii)  Governments have tended to over-classify some information – especially use of  “commercial-in-confidence”

iii)  Exposing corruption and criminal behaviour of governments and institutions is in the public interest (whistleblowing).

iv)  It ought to be a crime to reveal information beyond a certain classification level unless that information exposes corruption or criminal activity.

v)  The release of diplomatic cables to date has not exposed corruption or criminal activity and should not be regarded as whistleblowing.

vi)  The call for the assassination of Julian Assnage is deplorable and people making such calls are not fit for public office.

vii) The gross attack on the human rights of Julian Assange by governments and institutions around the world is disgraceful.

viii) The current attacks on Assange are a consequence of Wikileaks revealing corruption and criminal activity by governments – it has nothing to do with the so-called “cablegate”.

ix)  The Australian Government stands condemned for not supporting an Australian citizen whose human rights are being trashed.


x)  The editors/publishers of newpapers which have published the same material as WikiLeaks are as guily or innocent as Assange of any crime regarding the dissemination of classified material.


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