Things are happening

I am hopeful that things are changing for the better for trans folk – at least here in Canberra.

The ACT Government has asked the ACT Law Reform Advisory Council for advice on how to implement changes to the territory’s laws affecting trans folk to make those laws more compliant with the territory’s human rights legislation.

I’ve been on a working party at the Australian National University putting together an issues paper.  The issues paper was discussed at a public forum last week and the evening was very positive.

People will be able to send submissions to the Law Reform Advisory Council until next Friday and I’ve been very busy putting together my submission.

The council will then examine all the submissions and input from the public forum to put together a report to the Government.

I’m hopeful that the ACT government will then put an end to the barbaric practice of forcing people to be sterilised if they wish to have their identity legally recognised by the state.

I’m also hopeful that the notion that every person born on this earth is either male or female will be replaced with a more enlightened view of reality.

The other week I gave a brief presentation to the Australian Federal Police’s Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officers at a training course they were doing.  The purpose was to inform these Police Officers of the issues facing members of the trans community.

I hope to be doing more presentations to other organisations that have interactions with trans folk.


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