I Said Yes

Today across Australia, thousands of citizens marched to say “Yes” for action on climate change.

In Canberra they reported that there were 10,000 of us and I have to say that the crowd seemed even bigger that the anti war protests held before our government agreed to support the US in invading Iraq.

Former Liberal leader John Hewson gave a brilliant speech which only served to remind us all of what a pathetic bunch of politicians we now have in our national Parliament.

Richard Denniss reminded us that it was back in 1992 that the world met and agreed that climate change was real,  that it was caused by human activity and that the richer nations should lead the way in reducing carbon emissions.  1992!  That’s almost twenty years of sweet fuck-all-ery by what passes for political leadership in this country (and I suspect quite a few other nations).

As a grandma of six beautiful little grandkids I am sick of our politicians listening to lobbyists earning 6 or 7 figure incomes whose job it is to convince those politicians to ignore the long term interests of our country and the planet and to look after the short term profits of mining companies.

Shame on our politicians.  Shame on the coal lobby.

And it was good to see the “Say No to Carbon Tax” protestors – all 6 of them – standing by and watching as thousands of us made our way up Commonwealth Avenue to Parliament House.


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