Decision Pending

A couple of trans men in WA applied to the Gender Reassignment Board of Western Australia for recognition certificates which would mean that they would be legally recognised as males.  The men have had hormone treatment and some surgery but still retained reproductive capacity.

The Gender Reassignment Board turned down their request.

The two men then appealed to the State Administrative Tribunal which upheld their appeal and ordered that the recognition certificates be issued recognising them as males.

The Western Australian Government then appealed to the Supreme Court of WA.  There, two of the three judges upheld the appeal which meant that the original refusal by the Gender Reassignment Board was valid.

Our two intrepid men then appealed to the High Court of Australia.

The High Court heard the appeal yesterday.  The decision has been reserved.

(Background Documents)

Meanwhile, submissions to the ACT Law Reform Advisory Council on transgender law reform have closed.

I am hopeful that the government of the ACT will be advised to drop the requirement for surgery in order to have a birth certificate changed and that the government will actually change the law.


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