Politics in the Pub

Last night I went to the Uni Pub for one of the regular “Politics in the Pub” evenings.  These are organised by the Australia Institute and generally have some interesting speakers.  (Last month was emeritus Professor John Warhurst talking about the Republic)

Yesterday’s speaker was Senator Bob Brown, leader of the Australian Greens.  The place was packed to the rafters but I got there early enough to get a good seat.

I vote Green at the moment although I don’t agree with all their policies.  They are currently the only party willing to act in a meaningful way to address the issue of climate change.  As a grandmother this is extremely important to me – I want my grandkids to have a reasonable future.  They are the only party willing to advance social justice issues.  They are the only party who wants to see democracy work.

BBF was not able to come because she was out doing her charity work (she’s a saint) and M was on a work junket in Canada so I went alone.  I found myself sitting next to a woman about my age. We chatted.  She came to Canberra around the same time as me (forty years ago),  raised her family here (hers are now interstate while mine are still close), is not happy with the rampant development which is destroying the “bush capital” (amen to that).  Of course, at an event like this it is most likely that you’ll find yourself among kindred spirits.

One question put to Senator Brown concerned how to stay optimistic.  He gave a beautiful response, pointing out that we need to treat ourselves kindly,  help others who appear to be struggling and accept that change will not happen overnight.  We also have to exercise our choice.  Optimisim or pessimism is a choice.  Always choose optimism.


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