Beautiful friendships

Ten years ago today, I did something that I had sworn I would never do.

I joined a political party.

A party which believed that we live in a society not in an economy.

A party that believed in the dignity of all humans.

A party which opposed the use of violence.

A party which saw the dangers of global warming and had policies to do something about it.

Sadly, the party is all but defunct now.

When I joined, we had 9 senators in the Federal Parliament. Eight years later there were none.

During my time in the party, I did volunteer work in the National Office, did letterboxing, handed out how-to-vote cards at numerous elections, was policy co-ordinator for our branch of the party, was National Membership Officer, was a Senate Candidate, was on staff to a couple of Senators and was a part-time employee of the party.

Of course I was extremely sad when the last of our senators left the Parliament and our office in Canberra closed.

But joining the party was one of the best things I have ever done.  During my time there I have formed lasting friendships.  I never had close friendships before.  I was guarded and built walls around me to ensure no-one got close.

I have friends now with whom I can discuss anything.  And that is a beautiful gift.


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