The year that was

Birthday Cake

2011 saw its fair share of natural disasters, political unrest and economic uncertainty but, for me, it was a pretty good year  (as years go).

I worked closely with the ACT Law Reform Advisory Council which was tasked with recommending to the government how to implement changes identified by the Australian Human Rights Commission.  In early December I saw a confidential draft of the Council’s report to government and can say that I am pleased with the recommendations.  The ball will be in the government’s court now to legislate to protect the human rights of trans people.

At the national level (and quite out of the blue) the Federal Government announced a new policy for the issuing of passports to members of the sex and gender diverse communities.  Apart from no longer requiring a person to undergo surgery in order for their gender to be recognised officially, much of the red tape was done away with.  And I am now the proud possessor of an Australian Passport.

It was the year I decided to finally retire from paid employment.  My last working day was 20 December and at my farewell, our Director has some very nice words to say about me and made it clear that if I should ever change my mind, a job would be available to me at the University.

It was the year I turned 60.  I arranged a big party for family and friends and it was a splendid affair if I do say so myself.  A week before the party, M & I took me to Material Pleasures, an op shop that stocks and sells some pretty classy labels.  I bought a couple of dresses, some linen pants, a top and a long skirt.  On the day of the party I went over to BFF’s house where her daughter did my makeup and she did my hair and nails.  I think I brushed up pretty well.

And it was the year I lost over 14kg.  In August my doctor read me the riot act concerning my weight and lack of exercise.  I have taken to walking like a duck to water and am happy to say I have dropped a couple of dress sizes.  I can wear clothes I thought I would never wear again.  My BMI has gone from “overweight” (approaching “obesity”) to “healthy”.

At the start of the year I saw “Black Swan” at the movies and finished the year by seeing “The Skin I Live In”.  I could watch Antonio Banderas and Elena Anaya all day!  Gina over at Skip the Makeup has an excellent review.

I expect 2012 to have more natural disasters, more political unrest and more economic upheaval.

But I’m planning to have a great year and am looking forward to the birth of my 7th grandchild.

Birthday Wishes


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