Another year

“Oh wud some power the giftie gie us
To see oursels as others see us” – Robert Burns

I need to lose a couple of kilograms.  They just attached themselves to my belly sometime over the Christmas period (ie early December to early January).  I have managed to get rid of all the chocolates and shortbread I was given for Christmas (by eating them, of course).

I love Christmas!  Christmas Eve was shared with my three daughters and their husbands, seven grandchildren, one (an only) beloved ex and her husband.

Christmas Day lunch (turkey with the works) was at beloved ex’s home with family and Canberra relatives.  After lunch, I drove to Sydney to share dinner with my brothers and sisters and their families.

I spent a few days down at Jervis Bay with my sister and her husband and managed to get in a number of swims in the beautiful waters of the Bay.  It is a beautiful part of the world and one day I just might move there.  On Sunday we visited Bundanon, Arthur Boyd’s home and studio on the Shoalhaven River.  Just wonderful!

Bushfires have been raging across Australia since the weekend.  So far there have been no human deaths but quite a few homes have been lost, particularly in Tasmania.  The extreme weather events will continue and we still dig up coal to sell to other countries to slowly make our planet uninhabitable due to extreme weather events.  I despise the coal industry!

Before Christmas I won one of 20 double passes to see a preview of the Toulouse-Lautrec exhibition at the National Gallery followed by a delicious breakfast. I’ll be going to the exhibition again when my sister visits in a month or so.

I have no great plans for the year ahead.  Life is good and I’m quite happy just going with the flow.


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